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Mission And Objectives

Mission And Objectives


Deans  mission is to raise generations that care, not just about themselves, but about others too, generations that appreciate living in a green, clean world, a world free of psychological problems and destructive ideas. Such generations that will subject all what they hear, read, and see to ethical and scientific scrutiny, they will  strive for peace, happiness, and human rights, and will not accept hunger and illiteracy anywhere. They will be tolerant and will contribute to their society, as all exemplary citizens do.

Our Goals:

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”. Learning is the right way to acquire an education and Knowledge and that is why that school plays an essential and important role. It is considered to be the first step to reaching the future .From this logic come the aims of our school which are to build a distinct and positive personality in our students , so that they may bear responsibilities and are able to face the challenges of the present and future .This can be gained through:

1- Raising an aware generation provided with education and knowledge and proud of their religion and nation.

2- Strengthening students’ abilities by relying on independent learning in which they use their own skills in searching,analyzing,constructing and modifying through appropriate methods of learning.

3- Preparing the students to retain their knowledge for longer time instead of the normal way of teaching that depends on memorizing.

4- Activating the students’ ability to construct new knowledge,to discover the future and to make connections between different kinds of learning and knowledge as well as to create new cognition.

5- Helping students to apply all their knowledge to solve problems that they may face in different situations. So,one of the main objectives of our school is to achieve the integrated growth of our students in all aspects such as educational ,emotional,mental,social and physical aspects.